Step 1

Six 8” and two 2” zap straps are provided with kurvyflats; suggest to use scissors to cut off tag, it is designed to not accidentally fall off while hanging on store shelves, so is tough to pull off

Step 2

Ready 8” straps onto arch holes and only oval holes, leaving the round holes for later – we suggest to have flat side in front facing up             


Step 3

Insert onto fork

Step 4

Position fender under arch before slowly tightening both straps; careful as some fork arch will not allow you to further adjust already tightly looped straps; Hand tighten all 4 straps.

Step 5

Align fender with tire

Step 6

The patented slits will cause the pair of rear “ears” to separate from the main front body

Step 7

Bend the rear tail portion of fender as you fold both ears and tuck under front

Step 8

Highly recommend to have 4” zap strap’s flat side of buckle facing down as you insert it from outside going in; if you don’t follow this, you may end up with strap buckle resting on top.

Step 9

Loop the strap when two secure holes aligned.

Step 10

Tighten both 4” straps hard; hand tightening should be strong enough

Step 11

Zap strap buckle will hide underneath fender

Step 12

Check fender tip proximity to tire.

Step 13

We suggest to have gap ranging from 3 to 5 cm; depending on ones taste and on rare occasion, bike’s fork angle may limit allowable tire gap, especially on xc bikes

Step 14

Insert remaining zap straps to round holes

Step 15

Makes sure lower round hole portion of mudguard arm line up well with fork lowers; this makes mudguard securely anchored onto forks

Step 16

Most bikes will have two rounds holes lines up well to lowers for strapping

Step 17

Some bike’s geometry will make strapping of two round holes to lowers impractical, you can use one hole only if needed; either front or back – sample picture shows arm strapped to only front round hole.

Step 18

Tighten HARD all 8”straps with pliers, preferably 2 long nose pliers as shown on picture

Step 19

Or use eating fork with pliers or any tools you can come up with; mandatory to strap hard, otherwise, it will flap & may hit tire.

Step 20

Cut all extra straps & you are good to go!

For the bored & curious


  • Longer curved fender for better shielding
  • Inexpensive means to secure curvature, just a pair of 4” zap straps
  • Industry leading 1.3 mm thick sheets for durability
  • 2 slits that each end in a separate 2 mm diameter hole will make room for a complex double axis folding, needed to create a final overall shape of a curved fender and also for relieving stresses
  • Fender tip proximity to tire is achieved on most bike models by arm mount that allows 1 or 2 holes strapping, that offers 3 angle position for more leverage 
  • the side arm mount wing portions are widened to add flexural strength against the extra overhang and also shield the stanchions & lipseals from mud & rocks

Future kurvyflats models in concept:


  • kurvyfats – mudguard for tire larger than 3.0+
  • kurvyback-rear specific mudguard with 2 pairs of slit folding
  • kurvyflats long version-with in-house design creased fender at least 2” longer
  • kurvyflats with carbon fiber artworks, other print colors like glossy black with colored shadows